Warm Hearts Are Warming Hands & RSVP Home Knitters Program

Berlin, NH- Coös County,  Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), a Tri-County Community Action Program, Inc. (TCCAP) is happy to announce its twenty-fourth year of providing mittens, hats, slippers, scarves, sweaters, socks and blankets that are lovingly created by volunteer knitters for the Annual Coös County Family Health Services (CCFHS) Mitten Tree.

Children in need may select mittens from a “Mitten Tree,” a Christmas tree decorated with mittens in different colors and sizes at the CCFHS 54 Willow Street Office in Berlin. Mittens will also be available at the 133 Pleasant Street Clinic. “The Coös County,  RSVP Home Knitters, not only keep our kids snug and warm, but their actions also send a message to everyone that we live in a caring and supportive community where people care for one another, said Ken Gordon, CCFHS Chief Executive Officer.

Homemade and donated items are also given to clients of the CCFHS RESPONSE to Sexual and Domestic Violence Program and new babies born to the Family Health Pre-natal Program. RSVP Knitters, who are age 55 and over, make mittens and many other handmade items in their homes using donated yarn and materials. RSVP volunteers coordinate the program with the RSVP staff in the Berlin area. Connie Ouellette, an RSVP volunteer, tends to the Pittsburg area. These coordinators keep the knitters stocked with donated yarn; they pick up completed items and store items for distribution when cold weather strikes the North County.

There are currently 31 knitters in Coös County,  volunteering for the RSVP Home Knitters Program. “I love that people look forward to this every year, the mitten tree is beautiful when decorated. Keep us in mind for extra yarn donations or the knitters in your life. We love for people to join us for the Mitten Tree annually, and, donations for next year’s collection of hats, mittens, and scarves to help keep children warm for the winter,” said Nancy Malone, RSVP Program Director

In the last year, 399 RSVP volunteers provided nearly 40,000 hours of volunteer time to 68 sites, doing everything from breaking trails to staffing blood drives, to teaching English as a Second Language. Anyone age 55 and over, who is interested in volunteer opportunities in Coös County, may call Nancy Malone, RSVP Director or Amanda Cassidy, RSVP Coordinator at 752-4103. Or follow @facebook.com/CoosRSVP