Our Strategic Plan

Annual Report 2018

Our TCCAP Annual Report 2018, available in Adobe PDF format, can be downloaded.

TCCAP Annual Report 2018















Dear Friends and Colleagues,

For more than 50 years, Tri-County Community Action Programs, Inc., (TCCAP) has been helping people and changing lives in Coos, Carroll, and Grafton counties. Every year we provide services to over 30,000 individuals and families in this area of the state. We have provided these essential services in good times and difficult times.

Self-sustainability, accountability to the community and those we serve, good governance, transparency, and trust are of paramount importance to us. It is important for our community partners, collaborators, funders
, and stakeholders to understand our goals, initiatives, and priorities as we continue to serve our North
Country’s citizens in need and invites others to assist us in that mission. Enclosed please find an overview of our
Strategic Plan for our Fiscal Years 2017 through 2021. We invite you to view our detailed strategic financial and operational plan, with quantitative metrics for each program, and to share it with others.

The programs offered through TCCAP serve diverse populations and vulnerable citizens of all ages by providing critical services essential to the health and well-being of North Country families. On behalf of the TCCAP family
of programs, our employees, and the people we serve thank you for your support of our mission.


Rob Boschen, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Tri-County Community Action Programs, Inc.

Our Strat. Plan 2018-2022, available in Adobe PDF format, can be downloaded.

Strategic Plan Final Version