Volunteers Needed to Drive Patients to Medical Appointments

Volunteers Needed to Drive Patients to Medical Appointments

December 12, 2016. Many Carroll County residents are in need of transportation to medical appointments outside of Tri-County Transit’s service area, such as Dartmouth and St. Johnsbury. The good news is that TCT has a Long Distance Non-Emergency Medical Program (LDM) that operates through the use of volunteer drivers. Unfortunately,  at this time we have very few volunteer drivers in Carroll County to make these needed trips. We are in search of those just as passionate about helping our community as we are. Please take a moment and decide if this is a cause you can stand behind. And remember, we all need a little help every now and then.

Volunteer drivers provide an invaluable service for Carroll County. Many residents need to get to medical appointments but have no transportation of their own or are too ill to drive. Too often patients delay their appointments because of lack of transportation. LDM volunteers can make a difference in the lives of those individuals by serving as drivers.
Volunteering is easy! Drivers decide when they would like to drive, how often, and where. Drivers are needed on weekdays and some weekends in many communities. There is no minimum weekly commitment. Our volunteers come from churches, civic organizations, early retirees who are paying it forward, and parents who are teaching their children that volunteering is an act of kindness that can be very rewarding.

This volunteer opportunity is designed to be an easy and stress-free service for both patients and volunteers. We’re flexible! Let us know when you can help and we’ll match a volunteer opportunity to fit your schedule. Drivers accept trips when they’re available and can set their schedules by phone or via email. Training sessions, maps, and directions are provided. Lack of transportation has become a major problem for hundreds of local elderly and disabled patients. Many need daily or weekly treatment, often over the course of several months and they don’t have a car or family members who can help.

There are requirements that must be met to protect our passengers and volunteers: Drivers must have a valid driver’s license with at five years of driving experience, a safe, reliable vehicle, proof of registration and automobile insurance. Volunteer drivers must also pass a background check, have a good driving record and complete an orientation. Tri-County Transit dispatchers schedule the rides; they talk with patients about their transportation needs and match volunteers with ride requests.

Volunteer drivers for Tri-County Transit receive a reimbursement of .54 a mile. And most importantly they will feel good about helping those in need! Volunteer drivers play a crucial role in our organization and our community.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a volunteer driver, please contact Tri-County Transit at 603-752-1741.