Tri-County Transit is pleased to celebrate Try Transit Week from September 17th‐21st


Berlin, N.H.

Try Transit Week offers five days of discounted flex route service for everyone curious about their transportation options. The reduced fare is offered on both BG and Tri-Town flex routes.

Enjoy $1 off flex route fares all week long as well as learn about all the services TCT provides and how you can effectively use them. Information will be available about all Tri-County Transit services aboard the buses throughout the week.

“Everyone should know their choices when it comes to transportation. A car may not always be available,” said Stephanie Poisson, Mobility Manager. “Try Transit Week is a great opportunity to test out a new transportation option at a reduced fare.”

Try Transit Week’s biggest passenger reward is that with every paid flex fare riders will be entered to win a pass for 30 days of free rides. Participants are encouraged to ride all week to submit the maximum five entries. Two passes will be awarded, one for each flex route.

Operations Manager, Jeanene McDonald said “Try Transit Week is also a great way for people to discover the many benefits of taking the bus. It can promote positive interactions between neighbors, reduce the stress of driving, and allow you time to enjoy other activities during your ride.”

TCT is committed to safe and reliable transportation options and encourages using alternative transportation options not only during Try Transit Week but throughout the year.

Tri-County Transit provides public transportation for northern New Hampshire, operating 2 flex routes and Door to Door service. TCT’s service area spans over 3,500 square miles.

For more information contact Tri-County Transit at 752-1741 or visit