RSVP honors Theresa Lessard, 15 Year Volunteer

RSVP Volunteer (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program) 
Tri-County CAP wants to Thank Theresa Lessard.  She is 87 years young, and has been with Coos County RSVP for 15 years and has volunteered at multiple sites over 7,000 hours.

Pictured: Joe Rodgers, TCCAP HR, Robert Boschen, Jr. TCCAP CEO, Nancy Malone, RSVP Program Director, Theresa Lessard, RSVP Volunteer, Joshua Poisson, TCCAP Accounts Payable Manager, Randall S. Pilotte, TCCAP Finance Director/Interim CFO

Coos County RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program) , a Tri-County Community Action Program continues its valuable role, providing meaningful opportunities for retired people and seniors in Coos County, while also serving local nonprofits with valuable volunteer resources. In the last year, approximately 350 RSVP volunteers provided over 50,000 hours of volunteer time to 60 nonprofits, doing everything from breaking trails to staffing blood drives, to teaching English as a Second Language. Anyone age 55 and over, who is interested in volunteer opportunities in Coos County, may call Amanda Cassidy, RSVP Program Coordinator or Nancy Malone, RSVP Program Director at 752-4103.