Ledoux making an impact on Winnisquam Regional’s student body

Concord Monitor staff

IMAGES by Elizabeth Frantz Concord Monitor staff

There was only one person Jonathan Ledoux could turn to the night his father was rushed to the hospital. It was one of the staffers at Lakes Region Community Services who had worked with Ledoux for several years, Kevin Archibald. And on that night in 2011, Ledoux wound up on Archibald’s doorstep.

“Jonathan was with us for a week and then his dad ended up passing. The state came to us and said we’re going to take him right now and put him back in state custody,” said Archibald of Ledoux. “I looked at my wife and I said, ‘There’s no way we can do this. He knows nobody and he’s going to be scared to death.’ So we pretty much pondered over two or three days and came up with a decision to take him in.”

Ledoux is a 38-year-old with Down syndrome. Archibald serves as an assistant coach for the Winnisquam Regional High School volleyball team and also works with the baseball program and middle school sports teams. The two have become a family pair in the Tilton area, and Ledoux has turned into a local celebrity.

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