Feds Offer A Helping Hand To Low-Income Homeowners

LANCASTER – It was raining heavily, a bunch of soggy strangers were tromping around in her yard and Corinne Comeau, 84, was thrilled.

“I am positively, absolutely in shock. It pays to pray. It really does,” she said.

In this case the prayers were being answered through a United States Department of Agriculture program that helps low-income homeowners with crucial, health-related repairs.

Last year the program provided about $720,000 in 111 low-interest loans and grants throughout New Hampshire, said Pollaidh Major, the spokeswoman for the agency in Vermont and New Hampshire.

For example a single person with a maximum income of $25,000 could be eligible for a loan with 1 percent interest. Seniors may receive a grant for as much as $7,500.

Comeau came to the attention of the USDA because she gets some help from the Tri-County Community Action Program with heating expenses, said Janice Daniels, a USDA official who covers northern Grafton and Coos Country.

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