AHEAD, NCHC and TCCAP Collaborate to Transition the Friendship House Treatment Center

The North Country Health Consortium (NCHC), a non-profit public health organization located in Littleton, NH, is pleased to announce that their Board of Directors voted to assume the operations of the alcohol and other drug services currently operated by Tri Country Community Action Program, Inc. (TCCAP). TCCAP is headquartered in Berlin, New Hampshire. These services include Friendship House, a residential treatment facility located in Bethlehem, NH, as well as outpatient services, the impaired driver care management program, and peer recovery support services.


Friendship House and the other services will be integrated into NCHC’s Substance Use Disorder program area over the next several months. TCCAP and the North Country Health Consortium will work together to ensure a smooth transition for both staff and clients. According to Nancy Frank, CEO of the North Country Health Consortium, “this is an amazing opportunity for the Consortium and the region we serve. We are well positioned to add these services and programs to our Substance Misuse Prevention/Continuum of Care program area. We also will work closely with our board members and partners from health and human service organizations that can help move Friendship House toward a medical model and to integrate services in a way that has not been possible in the past.”


Back in October of 2015 it became apparent to TCCAP that it could not keep operating its current facility in a manner that could serve today’s substance abuse disorder treatment needs. TCCAP CEO, Robert Boschen, explained, “We had a great team, but needed a new facility to operate in. As the project progressed and all the interested parties started to help develop the needed facility and line up the funding, it became apparent TCCAP was not the Agency where this new venture should be housed. The model for substance abuse disorder treatment has evolved to a medical model, which would be better served if directed by NCHC”. TCCAP and NCHC need to still work out the details of the transfer, but both parties are committed to the transition.


In the beginning TCCAP partnered with Affordable Housing Education and Development (AHEAD), Inc. in Littleton to develop this facility, and AHEAD still will construct that facility on the current property, which they will acquire from TCCAP. AHEAD will own and lease the property to NCHC. Boschen added that choosing AHEAD was the crucial choice for the project. “Without their efforts and the efforts of numerous others including, to name a few, our elected and other government officials, individuals at New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority, USDA, and the Northern Borders Regional Commission, this project would never have progressed to this point.”


AHEAD, NCHC and TCCAP are all excited to work together to ensure the construction of the new Substance Abuse Treatment Center constructed on the current site in Bethlehem and to transition the program to NCHC. With today’s challenges not-for-profits are continually promoting collaborations such as this. As stewards of public and private funds, it is incumbent on them to be effective and efficient. Collaborating with community partners creates a synergistic service delivery system that makes the best use of everyone’s resources.


Tri-County Community Action Program, Inc., is a private, non-profit 501 (C) (3) corporation that is dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of New Hampshire’s people and communities.


Formed on May 18th, 1965, they provide opportunities and support for people to learn and grow in self- sufficiency, and to get involved in helping their neighbors and improving the conditions in their communities. North Country Health Consortium, established in 1997, is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization that leads innovative collaboration to improve the health status of the North Country region.