Tri-County CAP to Offer More Beds While Pursuing New Facility to Combat Substance Abuse

Statewide, NH

The Friendship House, a program of Tri-County Community Action Program (TCCAP), is excited to announce it is finalizing approval for conditional licensing to increase the current treatment roster from 18 to 30 beds for individuals struggling with substance use disorders and in need of residential services.

Kristy Letendre, the Director of the Clinical Services Division, stated, “After working closely with the Department of Health and Human Services health facilities administration for the past several months, a final inspection was conducted on Monday, April 3, and we anticipate approval within a couple of weeks.”

The North Country of New Hampshire has one of the highest overdose rates per capita in New Hampshire and Friendship House, in Bethlehem, is the only residential treatment center within a radius of 65 miles. Because of that TCCAP partnered with AHEAD, Inc. in Littleton, NH to replace its aging facility with a proposed $5MM facility. It appears over half of this will be supported by various grants.

The bed capacity for the new building based on single occupancy is 32 beds. With this new facility, TCCAP will able to extend services with increased efficiency and effectiveness to more individuals because of better infrastructure and equipment. This new facility will allow TCCAP to serve private insurance individuals it cannot serve at this time due to private insurer requirements.

Tri-County CAP is currently working with other potential partners, whom could work to manage the program and maintain the current staff. Chief Executive Officer, Robert Boschen said, “We hope ground may be broken this spring on the new building. We expect that the partners on this project and we will create this new facility, which offers a modern program to the people of the North Country and New Hampshire. Even with the intense work of so many dedicated caring, individuals, including many of our elected officials, projects like this often take longer than anticipated or one would like. But it is important to be timely and get it right! In the long run, it is all about our clients and our community.”

If you are in need of substance use disorder services, please contact Friendship House’s admissions department at 603-869-2210 and our caring staff will be glad to support you through the process.

About Tri-County Community Action Program, Inc.

Tri-County Community Action Program, Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of New Hampshire’s people and communities. We provide opportunities and support for people to learn and grow in self-sufficiency and to get involved in helping their neighbors and improving the conditions in their communities. Tri-County CAP is a nonprofit, multi-program agency with many programs and service locations. If you are unable to find the information you need about TCCAP or any of its programs on our website, please call our Central Office in Berlin at 603-752- 7001 or one of our community contact centers located throughout northern New Hampshire.