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Fuel Assistance Program:  

As funds become available, the Fuel Assistance Program provides benefits to qualified New Hampshire households to assist with heating costs. The Fuel Assistance Program can also help households during a heating emergency by securing an emergency delivery of fuel, delaying a shut-off notice or referring clients to another source of assistance. Fuel Assistance benefits are a grant and do not have to be paid back and can range from $210 to $1,575, depending on household income and energy costs. Benefits are calculated taking into account household income, energy costs, the number of heating degree days within a region and housing type. This targeting allows the Fuel Assistance Program to provide those households with the lowest incomes and highest energy costs with the highest benefits.

Electric Assistance Program

The New Hampshire Electric Assistance Program (EAP) gives eligible customers a discount on their monthly electric bills. The discount is from 8%-76% on your gross household income size and electricity usage. Customers of the following companies may apply for the discount:

  • Eversource Energy
  • Liberty Utilities
  • NH Electric Co-op
  • Unitil Energy Systems

Coös County:
603-752-3248 ext. 1
Fax: 603-752-7982
53 Main St
Berlin, NH 03570


Grafton County:

603-968-3560 ext. 2
Fax: 603-968-7381
41 School St
Ashland, NH 03217


Carroll County:
448 White Mountain Highway
Tamworth, NH 03817
Fax: 603-323-7411


Please note the following important program application dates:

  • Households with children under the age of 6, disabled and/or elderly or heat with wood (wood pellets) can start applying July 16th
  • Households that heat with oil, kerosene, and propane can start applying September 1st
  • Electric Heat and Heat included with the rent households can start applying October 15th
  • All Applications– October 15                                               
  • Program Opens-December 1

Emergency Clients

  • Clients facing an emergent situation will call up for an appointment. They will be provided the same day appointment if they can make it to the Outreach Office. They are encouraged to have all their documentation available as an application cannot be certified without it.
  • Clients who are unable to come in are requested to go to their local town welfare office for access to a fax machine and we would do the application via fax with the original signed application mailed.
  • Per program regulations, if a client is unable to complete the application due to lack of supporting documentation, they will need to pursue assistance elsewhere: local town welfare, church, agency.
  • Emergency Clients – Need to add within this category that emergency fuel applications can only be processed once the program opens and the processing of emergency applications end when the season closes.

Fuel Assistance: This vital, life-saving service has been a cornerstone of Community Action for over 40 years. In the last year, we assisted over 5,000 households in all three northern NH counties. Testimonials we’ve received from our clients demonstrate how important this program is. When people are confident that they will be able to do something as basic as heat their home, that makes it easier to get involved with other activities that help move out of poverty. This year we are far ahead of last year in terms of applications processed and in the process.