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Tri-County CAP's Tamworth Dental Center - high quality, affordable dental care for everyone


Tri-County CAP's Tamworth Dental Center is a modern dental practice that offers you full-service oral health care.

The Dental Center is located at 448 B White Mountain Highway (Route 16) 0.8 miles south of Chocorua Village (Rtes. 16/113).

We are on the campus of the Tri-County Community Action Program Resource Center, right next to Eastern Propane.



We have an excellent, friendly, experienced staff, highly qualified to offer you the best oral health care in a clean, state-of-the-art facility, using all new equipment, electronic records

and low exposure digital x-rays.  We make your visits as comfortable as possible.

The Center is also handicap accessible.


We accept NH Healthy Kids and other major adult and family insurance plans, participate in

Care Credit plans, and offer a reduced rate to low-income individuals without insurance.

In most circumstances, payment is expected at time of visit.


We are accepting new child and adult patients, self-paying, fully insured, or covered by NH or Maine Medicaid. Please call our office at (603) 323-7645 (323-SMILE) to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, are experiencing a dental emergency or would like to discuss your child's or your own oral health care. We look forward to serving you.








Location and Phone



Dr. Chris Kempton, DDS

448 B White Mountain Highway

Monday - Thursday: 8 - 5


Crystal Buswell, RDH

Susan Bennett, RDH

Janice Hempel, RDH (School Smiles)

Tamworth, NH 03886

Closed holidays

Dental Assistant

Candy Milliken

Phone: (603) 323-7645 (SMILE)

Email Address:

Office Staff

Lauren Sousa (Manager)

Fax: (603) 323-7647


Insured Patients

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All insured patients must present their current insurance card at the time of the visit. Co-payment and coinsurance amounts must be paid at the time of the appointment or the visit may be rescheduled. It is understood that insured patient have signed a contract with their insurance company and it is their responsibility to provide information to the Tamworth Dental Center about coverage and co-pay requirements. Our office will submit the claim to the insurance company; however, it is the patient’s responsibility to work directly with the insurance company regarding any denial of payment because of coverage issues, and to pay for the services not covered.


(self-pay) patients

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All dental self-pay patients must pay their portion of the bill at the time of visit. Self-pay, non-sliding-fee patients are eligible for a 5% prompt pay discount when they pay the full fee at time of service (except for Care Credit plans, which charge a fee to the Dental Center for patient participation in their no/low interest plans). You will be informed of the estimated cost of your visit prior to the scheduled appointment. If any unforeseen costs arise at the time of the visit, the patient will be required to pay the balance within 21 days of receipt of bill. If the patient arrives for his/her appointment without payment, the appointment may need to be rescheduled, depending upon the urgency of the visit. Also, all dental self-pay patients receiving certain services (including root canals, crown and bridge and any prosthetics) are required to pay the Tamworth Dental Center’s fee before the first appointment will be scheduled for treatment. 
Payment Plans

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Payment Plans: If you are a non-discounted, self-pay patient, and cannot afford to pay your full bill at the time of service, our staff will work with you to see if we can arrange an acceptable payment plan. Payment plans must be arranged prior to date of service. We also offer Care Credit time payment plans, or can set up pre-treatment payment plans (similar to “layaway plans”) to help you budget affordable monthly payments for future treatment. 
Sliding fee scale

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To consider you for a discount on your dental services we need an accurate accounting of your annual household income. If you have completed an application for Tri-County CAP’s Fuel Assistance Program within the current Fuel Assistance Program year, we can use that information to determine your household income. If not, you will need to provide accurate and complete proof of income to see if you qualify for a discount. Discounts are applicable for one year from determination, and then must be renewed. Call the office (323-7645) for more information about the sliding fee scale.

Please Note: Sliding scale, discounted fees and Care Credit plans are not eligible for Payment Plans or 5% prompt pay discount. Also, certain dental services requiring outside lab work cannot be discounted as deeply as non-lab services.

Broken Appointments




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The Tamworth Dental Center works hard to provide dental care to uninsured and underinsured patients. Our costs go up when patients do not show up for their scheduled appointments without giving us advance notice. If a patient is unable to keep a scheduled appointment, the Center must be notified in advance to cancel that appointment. A no show is a missed appointment that is not canceled one business day and more than 24 hours before the originally scheduled appointment time, or an appointment to which the patient is more than 15 minutes late.

Appointment Day Cancel Day/Time to avoid No-Show
Monday Thursday*
Tuesday Monday, more than 24 hrs prior
Wednesday Tuesday, more than 24 hrs prior
Thursday Wednesday, more than 24 hrs prior

*Exceptions may be made for Friday cancellations, depending on reason. Please leave a message as soon as possible.

After a first no-show, the patient will receive a call from our office and a letter describing our policy. A re-scheduled appointment will then be made. If the patient has another no-show within the next 7 months, or has 2 consecutive no-shows in any time period, he/she will no longer be able to schedule future appointments. The patient may then only call the day on which they would like an appointment and may or may not be given an appointment that day based on need and appointment availability.

Patient Rights

You have the right to:

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  • Receive considerate, respectful, and timely care at the Tamworth Dental Center.

  • Receive an explanation of your diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in terms you can understand.

  • Receive the necessary information to participate in decisions about your care and to give your informed consent before any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure is performed.

  • Expect that your personal privacy will be respected by all staff members at the Tamworth Dental Center.

  • Expect that your medical records will be kept confidential and will be released only with your written consent, in cases of medical emergencies, or in response to court orders. (Confidentiality can be breached if the individual poses a significant threat of harm to self or others.)

  • Ask and receive an explanation of any charges made by the Tamworth Dental Center, even if they are covered by insurance.

  • Obtain another dental opinion prior to any procedure.

  • Review and receive a copy of any dental records created and maintained by the Tamworth Dental Center regarding your care and treatment.

  • Effective pain management and to be informed by staff about available measures.

  • Care that takes into consideration your psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural values.

Patient Responsibilities

You are responsible for:


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  • Providing accurate information about your past health and dental care history.

  • Asking questions if you do not understand the explanation of your diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, or any instructions.

  • Recognizing the effect of your lifestyle on your personal health.

  • Providing the necessary information to complete your file and providing updates as information changes.

  • Any charges billed to you.

  • Following the rules and regulations posted by the Tamworth Dental Center and available in the Patient Handbook.

  • Providing your practitioner with at least 72 hours (3 days) notice when you or your family are in need of medications or a prescription.

  • Arriving on time for your appointment.

  • Calling at least 2 business days in advance of your appointment to cancel and/or reschedule.


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Referrals to oral health specialists are made as needed by The Tamworth Dental Center. Please be aware that services provided outside of the Tamworth Dental Center facilities are not billed at the Tamworth Dental Center sliding scale rates and you will be responsible for establishing payment arrangements with the specialist where care is provided.


and Map

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The Tamworth Dental Center is located at 448 B White Mountain Highway (Route 16), between Eastern Propane and the Gilbert Block company. We are 0.8 miles south of the Junction of Routes 113 and 16 in Chocorua Village, and 3.3 miles north of the junction of Routes 25 (west) and 16, near the Yankee Smokehouse.       [ View Map ]

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