Guardianship | Statewide

Providing guardianship, protective and fiduciary services to persons with disabilities.


34 Jefferson Road
Whitefield, NH 03598
Phone: 603-837-9561
Fax: 603-837-2613

18 Low Avenue
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-224-0805
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Guardianship Services was established in 1986 by the NH Supreme Court as a Public Guardian and Protection Program. The Program currently serves over 415 individuals throughout New Hampshire.

Guardianship of the Person

Following appointment by the Probate Court, Guardianship Services works to identify and secure services to promote the health, welfare, and safety of its wards in the least restrictive setting possible.

Nursing Home Based: $260.00 per month
Community-Based: $265.00 per month
Fees are subject to change

Guardianship of Estate

Some individuals are appointed a guardian for financial affairs. The primary duty of an Estate Guardian is to secure and maximize an individual’s estate in order to improve and/or maintain the ward’s quality of life. The rule of prudent financial management is applied.

Fee: $150.00 per hour plus expenses.
Fees are subject to change

Representative/Protective Payee

Guardianship Services also acts as a representative or protective payee for persons who need assistance managing their monthly public, private income, and benefits.

Fee: The Social Security Administration’s approved rate.


Guardianship Services can assist persons who petition the court for an agent to manage their financial affairs. This is a voluntary option; incapacitation need not be found by the probate court.

Fee: $150.00 per hour plus expenses.
Fees are subject to change


Guardianship Services provides local, state and national training on a variety of issues concerning persons with disabilities and estate and trust management. All eligible staff are National Certified Guardians by the Center for Guardianship Certification.

Fee: Call for information.


Guardianship Services administers Special Needs Trust for qualifying individuals to protect and secure all benefits while affording the individuals opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Fee: $150.00 per hour plus expenses.
Fees are subject to change


Guardianship Services can provide consultation to families, nursing homes, attorneys and hospitals on all aspects of guardianship.

Fee: Call for information.

DHHS Benefit Management Services

Fee:  $30.00 per month

Fees are subject to change

GS can help you maintain your benefit eligibility

Probate Accounting Services

Fee:  Tiered Rates

GS can help you meet your probate requirement


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